Omron is committed to supplying a range of industries with reliable and high quality Relays. Available in DIN-rail, surface, quick connect and PCB mounting, as well as mechanical and solid state switching types, Omron Relays cover a wide range of applications while meeting all the relevant international standards for global use.

Control Panel Relays

A wide range of Control Panel Relays are available for the purpose of sequence control to direct load switching, which will suit in various applications depending on the control method or environment inside a panel.

Model No. Brief Description

MY Series
Versatile and function-filled miniature Power Relay for sequence control and power switching applications.
- Models with lockable test buttons now available.
- Many variations possible through a selection of operation indicators (mechanical and LED indicators), test button, built-in diode and CR (surge suppression), bifurcated contacts, etc.
- Arc barrier standard on 4-pole Relays.
- Dielectric strength: 2,000 VAC (coil to contact)
- Environment-friendly cadmium-free contacts.
- Safety standard approvals obtained.
- Wide range of Sockets (PY, PYF Series) and optional parts are available.
- Max. Switching Current: 2-pole: 10 A, 4-pole: 5 A
- Built-in mechanical operation indicator.
- Provided with nameplate.

MK-S(X) Power Relay with DC switching models that can switch 220 VDC, 10 A (resistive load).
- Switch a DC load of 220 VDC, 10 A (resistive load).
- Models for AC Loads can switch 250 VAC, 15 A (resistive load).
- Lineup includes models with SPST-- NO and SPST-NO/SPST-NC contact forms.
- Using a SPST-NO/SPST-NC contact form enables detecting contact welding (When the NO contacts become welded, the NC contacts will maintain a minimum distance of 0.5 mm).
- Models available with operation indicators and built-in test buttons.
- RoHS compliant.
- Standard: UL, IEC (TÜV certification)

MK-S (New Models) General-purpose Relays
- Same mounting and internal wiring as the previous Super MK Relays.
- Built-in mechanical indicator enables checking contact operation.
- Two modes can be used to check circuits for models with latching lever.
- Nameplate provided on models with latching lever.
- All materials are RoHS compliant.
- UL and IEC (TÜV) certification.

G2RS - General Purpose Relay
The G2RS space-saving Power Plug-in Relay has a mechanical indicator and nameplate as standard features. A relay with a lockable test button is also available.
- Slim and Space saving
- Lockable test button models now available.
- Built-in mechanical operation indicator.
- Provided with nameplate.
- AC type is equipped with a coil-disconnection self-diagnostic function (LED type).
- High switching power (1-pole: 10 A).
- Environment-friendly (Cd, Pb free).
- Wide range of Sockets also available.

Non-bendable! First 6-mm relay with strong mechanical pins. Large plug-in terminals for easy connection. LED indicator and mechanical flag to check operation. Slim outline to save space.
- Large plug-in terminals for easy connection.
- LED indicator and mechanical flag to check operation.
- Transparent housing enables checking relay condition.
- Slim outline to save space.
- Push-in terminals and accessories for easy wiring.

MY4H Hermetically Sealed Relay
Hermetically Sealed Relay Ideal for Hazardous Locations
- Class 1 Division 2 approved.
- Fully hermetically sealed for hazardous locations.
- Cadmium-free contacts for environment-friendly use.
- Models with bifurcated contact also available.
- Conforms to UL508 and CSA 22.2.

MM Power Relay
MM Power Relay (DC Swittching)
- Relaible & Long Life
- Easy to mount, wire, and use.
- A large selection of models including various contact forms,
- DC-switching models, and open models.
- Mechanical life: 5,000,000 operations; electrical life (under rated load): 500,000 operations.
- Models also available with built-in diodes and for use as auxiliary power relays.

LY Relay
LY General-purpose Relay (a Miniature Power Relay)
- Equipped with arc barrier.
- Dielectric strength: 2,000 V.
- Built-in diode models added to the LY Series.
- Single-pole and double-pole models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/110 VAC, 110/120 VAC, 200/220 VAC, 220/240 VAC, or 100/110 VDC).
- Three-pole and four-pole models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/110 VAC, 200/220 VAC, or 100/110 VAC).

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Other Relay Types

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Special Purpose Relays
Built-in Relays
Terminal Relays

Solid-State Relays
Solid State Relays
Solid State Relays are non-contact relays that perfectly suited in semiconductor industry with high-speed and high-frequency operation. OMRON provides Solid-state Relays for enormous range of applications, from heater and motor control to interfacing and general applications that require high frequency noiseless switching.

PCB Relays
PCB Relays
OMRON PCB Relays consists of comprehensive range of signal relays, power relays and specific-purpose relays that suit wide range of applications.