Programmable Controllers (PLC)

Micro PLC

Omron offers state of the art, economical, compact PLCs for various applications from I/Os ranging from 10- 320.

Model No. No. of I/O Brief Description

10-44 Simple Logic Controller. Front panel LCD and operation buttons enable direct programming and data entry. Real-time clock allows easy time-based control by daily, weekly and monthly.

20-160 Economical Micro PLC great for automating small machines. Models that support HMI/inverter connection and position control, and models with built-in analog I/O are available.

10-180 Complete with a standard-feature USB port, whether you need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port, this micro PLC gives you a good choice of different i/o points.

20-320 Package PLC with great functionality. Expanded range of applications with built-in pulse outputs for axes, analog I/O, serial communications, and with a USB port as a standard feature.