Model No. Brief Description

Slim-styled I/O Relay Saves Space in Panel
- SPST-NO, SPST-NC, and SPDT contact forms available for output (SPST-NO only for input).
- Ultra-slim housing measuring 29 (W) x 10 (D) x 32 (H) mm.
- All Output Relays provide a long endurance (1,000,000 operations at 5 A), while all Input Relays provide micro-switching power (100 µA at 1 V).
- Approved by UL and CSA standards.

Magnetic Latching Version of G2A Ideal for Sequence Control
- Double-winding latch system with continuous rating.
- Terminals pulled from the respective junctions between the built-in diodes and set and reset coils allow the built-in diodes to be externally connected for coil surge absorption.
- Excellent vibration/shock resistance with minimal secular decrease in latching power.
- Easy monitoring of ON/OFF operation due to the built-in operation indicator mechanism.
- Same outline dimensions as the standard models of G2A.

Fully Sealed Version of G2A that Displays Its Power in Adverse Environments
- Exhibits stable performance in an adverse atmosphere of harmful gas, moisture, or powdery dust due to its hermetically sealed construction.
- All the mechanical components of the Relay have been annealed to prevent gas generation inside the Relay.
- Economical as compared with a hermetically sealed relay in a metallic enclosure.

Highly Reliable, 4-pole Miniature Relay Ideal for Sequence Control
- Card lift-off employed for greater life and stable quality.
- Long endurance and stable quality are assured by card lift-off system.
- Mounting interchangeability with MY-series Relays.
- Operation indicator mechanism incorporated for at-a-glance monitoring of ON/OFF operation. In addition, a built-in operation indicator model is also included in this Relay Series.

A Leader in Clean Energy with Compact, Quiet, Energy-efficient Designs. DC Power Relays that Interrupt High-capacity. DC Loads and High-voltage DC Circuits in a Compact, Low-noise Design.

In the endeavors to prevent global warming, air pollution, and the depletion of oil resources, much attention is being given to increasing the efficiency of AC-to-DC power conversion and distributed power generation. DC contactors and circuit-breakers, however, are disadvantaged by their noise and bulk.