Motion Controllers

AC Drives

AC Drives support energy-saving operation of facilities and machines with fine speed control. Models with DeviceNet communications are also available.

Model No. Capacity Brief Description

Upto 15 KW High-precision Inverter with built-in safety function and modbus-rtu communications. Powerful torque - 200% at 0.5 Hz. Equipped with overload limit/overcurrent suppression function.

JX: Upto 7.5KW
RX:Upto 132KW
Environmentally friendly and easy to program ideal for a wide range of applications. ModBus-RTU communication allows you to perform network operation at low cost.

Upto 0.4 KW A compact inverter with a simplified design and easy installation. Compact size with 55-mm width. Models with CompoWay/F communications also available.

Upto 160 KW Senseless current vector control. Self adapting energy saving function with easy maintenance. PID control with 3 different auto-tuning functions.

Servo Motors and Servo Drives

Servo Motors and Servo Drives are meant for replacing stepper motors to high-speed, high-precision control. Models with MECHATROLINK II communications are also provided.  More information...