Measuring & Monitoring Devices / Level Controllers

Measuring and Monitoring Relays

OMRON Measuring and Monitoring Relays are available from low to high voltages. They monitor the status of main power supply circuits to protect electrical circuits and manufacturing facilities from overcurrents, earth-faults, undervoltages, phase loss and other adverse conditions.

Model No. Brief Description

K8AB Series
Seven slim models featuring a variety of innovative new functions:

- Single-phase power monitoring: Current relay, Voltage relay, Upper-/lower-limit voltage relays.
- Three-phase power monitoring: Phase sequence relay, Voltage with phase loss relay, Voltage asymmetry relay, Voltage relay.

Compact and slim relay ideal for temperature alarms and monitoring. Excessive temperature increases can be prevented and abnormal temperatures can be monitored.

Overvoltage/Undervoltage monitoring relay for AC and DC input.

Power Sensors

Power Sensor collects and monitors the power consumption of machine or equipment in industrial facilities.

Model No. Brief Description

Industry's first energy level classification. New functions to save energy and improve productivity at the same time.

Compact device for easy monitoring of power consumption
- Allows easy, energy-efficient, precise management of each device.
- Can be combined with a PLC to form a power monitor system.
- Unit for pulse output is set using a rotary switch.
- Wiring is simple with a special separable current transformer.
- Slim body – 30 mm wide.
- Conforms to EMC standards, EN61010-1 (IEC61010-1).
- UL/CSA approved. (KM20 Power Sensor only).

Smart Power Monitor
- Low cost power monitor for on-panel mounting and display.
- Assists energy-saving analysis
- High-precision measurements.
- Energy-saving functions.
- Equipped with functions that support installation and settings.

Level Controllers

Level Controllers equip with electrodes to detect liquid level. They have been widely used in water works and sewers for building and housing complex, industrial facilities and equipment, water treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities, and many other applications.  More information...